Mission & Values

Be creative
and innovative


commit to
a positive impact


Since its creation, Akvmove has been a leader in Brussels, deploying a model based on creativity and the perpetual ambition to strive for excellence. The group has a long-term vision of growing and sustaining itself while respecting what makes us unique. Our concept is an art of living that we want to share with as many people as possible. "At school we are taught to live together, at Akvmove we do sports together" is our philosophy, to allow everyone, in a warm and friendly environment, to surpass themselves, to gain confidence, to get together and to evolve beyond linguistic and/or physical barriers. The path we have chosen is determined by our quest for excellence and surpassing ourselves, proving that with hard work, patience and determination, any objective is achievable in sport and in life.  


Be Creative
AND innovative

As the very foundation of AKVMOVE, creativity and innovation are at the heart of a perfect balance: to constantly renew ourselves and be resolutely forward-looking while maintaining our fundamental principles of professionalism, benevolence, advice and integrity. Creativity and innovation, deeply rooted in our genes, ensure our excellence and our will to carry out our missions. These two values allow us to make infinite use of the possibilities that present themselves to us and give us the requirement to become the reference for all. 


Quality is the pillar of our brand's success. We cultivate the highest level both in the individual and/or collective services we offer and in the products we put forward. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards while never ceasing to raise them by setting new objectives and perpetuating our knowledge. Our unique know-how allows us to offer services of the highest quality, as we practice both with the utmost attention to detail and perfection. 

Cultivating the spirit of
entrepreneurial spirit

The group's zeal is deeply imbued by the culture of entrepreneurship that drives it at all levels. It is the very spirit of entrepreneurship that lies at the heart of our foundations. We are constantly seeking to evolve, grow and elevate our brand to the highest level of excellence. We seek to share our knowledge, to bring this entrepreneurial culture to as many people as possible. We want everyone to develop their talents, skills and competencies to make the Akvmove group more efficient and responsive. 

Engage to
make a positive impact

Each of the actions of the group and its members reflects our commitment to the development of sport for as many people as possible, to access for all, to diversity and multiculturalism, which are our strengths. They are the foundations of our performance and achievement. Convinced of the benefits of sport for individuals and communities, we are committed to ensuring that our services and the environment in which we practice have a positive impact. We are committed to promoting well-being, healthy living and community spirit to actively contribute to a better future.

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