Sports CV



Opening of our gym with a unique concept, located in the European district. Train in an environment where you feel at home!
We offer group and private lessons, accessible to all!
Émission belge diffusée sur Tipik. « Bouge à la Maison » est une émission de sport lancée, le 13 avril 2020, par la RTBF, ayant pour but de faire bouger les téléspectateurs depuis chez eux.
European Champions of Street Workout by team.
Vice Champion of the Netherlands.
Team champions in Belgium.


We are NASM international coaches, American certification (EREPS 4).
We help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be:
- Weight loss
- Mass gain
- Rehabilitation
- Mental Coaching
- Getting back in shape
We also accompany the elderly, PRM and children.
9 years of experience in the discipline of Calisthenics, body weight training only.


Awarded for our commitment to the development of sport in general and Street Workout in the city of Brussels.
Awarded for the creation of seven Street Workout parks throughout the City of Brussels.