General Conditions

The site is offered subject to the acceptance by the user, whoever he may be, of the terms, conditions and warnings contained in the general conditions of use of the site. The use of the site entails automatic and irrevocable acceptance of the said terms, conditions and warnings.

I. Use for personal, private and legal purposes
The website is intended to be used for personal and private purposes. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, broadcast, perform, reproduce in any form, publish, license, transfer out, or sell any information, data, software, products, or services obtained from the site, nor may you create derivative works or performances from the foregoing.
The use of the website for purposes that are unlawful, illegal or contrary to the provisions of these terms and conditions is prohibited.

II. Links to third party sites or addresses
The website may contain links to websites or addresses maintained by third parties. These links and addresses are provided for your convenience. has no control over these sites and addresses and assumes no responsibility for their content. The inclusion of these links and addresses on the site does not imply that endorses the material contained in these sites and addresses and does not imply any association between and the operators of these sites or addresses.

III. Mention relating to industrial property law (trademarks and models) and intellectual property (copyright)
All elements, data, databases, graphics, drawings, models developed on the site, all the original texts and multimedia services and creations are protected by Belgian and international legal provisions relating to industrial property (laws and regulations relating to the registration of trademarks and models), to intellectual property (in particular the Belgian law of June 30, 1994 relating to copyright and related rights) and by the legislation on the protection of computer programs (in particular the law of June 30, 1994 transposing into Belgian law the European directive of May 14, 1991 on the legal protection of computer programs). All rights in this sense are reserved. Any infringement or violation of these rights will be prosecuted against the offending user, who will not be able to claim ignorance of these provisions and protections or even good faith.

IV. Conclusion: minimum user engagement guide
The user may consult the existing databases and use the services provided by the site provided that the general norms and uses of the Internet and the general conditions of the site are respected and that the owner of the databases in question authorizes their access and use. The user may use the services of the site for lawful, personal and private purposes: the user is obliged to respect the legislation in force because he/she transmits data through the network. The user is obliged to respect the legislation in force because he/she transmits data through the network. Illegal or illicit, incorrect, obscene, defamatory, racist or inciting to racial hatred and xenophobia, infringing on public order and/or morality, infringing on private life are forbidden, for example;
▪ The user undertakes to respect the intellectual rights, including copyrights, belonging to third parties;
▪ User agrees not to send or post unsolicited messages;
▪ L’utilisateur s’interdit de commettre des actes de piratage informatique ou de « hacking » à l’encontre du site ou de tout autre système présent indirectement ou directement sur le site ;
The user agrees not to use the services developed or accessible via the site for any act that would have the effect, direct or indirect :
▪ To illegally access connected network data;
▪ To interfere with the proper working of the service or to jeopardize the use or performance capability for other users, including by generating a large amount of unwarranted traffic;
▪ To damage or destroy the probity the contents of computer data;

The user, by using the services of the site agrees to accept the general conditions of use of the site and to comply with the uses in force on the networks to which it reaches via the site

The user acknowledges that any dispute arising from the use of the site is subject to Belgian law and the jurisdiction of the French-speaking courts of the judicial district of Brussels (Belgium).

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