The training methods we offer are essentially based on body weight only.

We have managed to specialize in the following areas thanks to our experience and our world-renowned diplomas.

AKVMOVE's optimal method for losing weight by working the entire body.
This method allows you to regain a healthy lifestyle and good physical habits by toning all the muscles of the body.
Training specific to a sport or in general. We will work on speed, agility and power using the effective AKVMOVE methodology.
Sessions to improve your mobility and flexibility in order to perform better and reduce the risk of injury.
Specific methodology based on body weight only which allows to work 100% pure strength and targeted muscles.
Our HIIT workouts will help you to dramatically increase your endurance. You'll find a mix of cardio and strength training, all with an AKVMOVE twist.
A session designed to restore proper body function after an injury.
Thanks to our nine years of experience in the practice of Street Workout, our Calisthenics sessions will help you develop your strength while learning the tricks of the discipline.